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Akustische Lösungen

Wir alle kennen das Gefühl, dass wir uns vor lauter Nebengeräuschen manchmal kaum auf das Gespräch mit unserem Gegenüber konzentrieren können. Das liegt meist nicht an unserer mangelnden Aufmerksamkeit oder Konzentrationsfähigkeit, sondern häufig an der schlechten Akustik eines Raumes, denn die hat entscheidenden Einfluss darauf, ob wir uns in einem Raum wohlfühlen oder nicht.


Da die Welt um uns herum immer „lauter" wird, fühlen wir uns von zusätzlichem Lärm zunehmend gestresst. Der Grund liegt in der „kühlen" Ausgestaltung unserer Wohnungen und Häuser. Die moderne Bauweise mit großen, offenen Räumen und „kühlen", glatten Materialien wie Glas, Parkett oder Steinböden führt oft zu einer ungünstigen Raumakustik.


Dagegen können wir etwas unternehmen! EKSKLUSIVI Decke ist für den Schall nahezu nicht vorhanden und so bietet sie nicht nur optimale Bedingungen für die Wirkung von Akustikmaterial, um die Nachhallzeit der Schallwellen zu reduzieren, sie verdeckt es auch perfekt. Das Ergebnis ist so einfach wie überzeugend: Im Handumdrehen wird nicht nur das Raumgefühl verbessert und dadurch jegliche Kommunikation vereinfacht, sondern auch die Optik der Decke verschönert.


Lassen Sie sich beraten: Ob Wandbilder (mit einem Motiv Ihrer Wahl bedruckt), Deckenelemente, komplette Decken, Deckensegel oder vollständig bespannte Wände – EKSKLUSIVI bietet die Möglichkeit das notwenige Akustikmaterial auf die schönste Art zu „verpacken". 

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26.10.16 GEWERBEFLÄCHEN, Gastronomie


21.07.16 GEWERBEFLÄCHEN, Gastronomie

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Apart from the critical element – audio good quality – there are several functions to think about ahead of buying a moveable speaker.

What is the distinction in between Bluetooth, AirPlay and Wi-Fi speakers?

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Some wireless speakers in TechnoVolume, from Apple and its chosen producers, use their very own AirPlay technological innovation. This is utilised for Iphone, MacBook and iPad consumers and can also be utilized to transmit online video.


For a wireless speakers to be transportable, it wants to equally be modest and light adequate to very easily have close to, and be outfitted with a battery so it can operate without having currently being plugged in. Of course, “small” and “light” are relative little speakers with carabiners allow you clip them to your backpack and get them on hikes, while considerably larger and heavier speakers may well be intended only to be taken from area to area in your home.

Bluetooth speakers are normally transportable, but they really don't have to be. If a Bluetooth speaker is way too massive to effortlessly have about, or doesn’t have a battery, it will not be portable.

Because Wi-Fi speakers rely on a separate community to allow multi-speaker and multi-room audio playback, they’re not often transportable. After all, portability doesn’t matter if you want to be connected to your home’s hotspot. There are exceptions, however, and Wi-Fi speakers can even now be moveable if they have batteries, and ideally can develop an advert-hoc Wi-Fi community with your telephone.


Not all wi-fi speakers are created to be carried close to outside, or utilised by the pool. Rugged speakers can manage splashes, dunks, drops, and gunk and keep operating. If you try out that with the non-rugged speakers on this list, nonetheless, you will uncover oneself with a brick alternatively of an audio unit. Seem for speakers with IPX ratings and ensures of h2o and shock resistance if you want to have them about to the beach, the lake, the slopes, or the sewers. Our information to IP ratings clarifies what these quantities imply, so you can know whether or not your speaker can manage obtaining dunked in the pool, or if it just will remain intact in a light-weight drizzle.

For far more, see our record of the best outside speakers.

Audio Top quality

Unless portability is at the best of your priority record, audio good quality is paramount. A lot of wi-fi speakers really don't offer you much in the way of features, but produce best-notch audio. Huge bass is not for everyone, but unless your speaker is downright tiny, it need to be able to reproduce reduced frequencies accurately without distorting at higher volumes. Clarity is far more critical than sheer electrical power, and a well balanced, clean seem must be your purpose when purchasing for a speaker. If you want a audio method that can push a entire party alternatively of just fill a small place, hold the measurement of the speaker in thoughts generally, the bigger a speaker is, the louder it can get whilst still sounding good.

As described previously, in the early days of wireless audio Bluetooth was considerably inferior to Wi-Fi specifications simply because of limited bandwidth and audio compression. Those difficulties have been largely solved, and Bluetooth four. (not to point out five.) and its appropriate audio codecs can transmit exceptional quality audio. Wi-Fi can still get an edge purely thanks to the obtainable bandwidth, and if you want to listen to lossless tunes on providers like Tidal you need to probably go with Wi-Fi more than Bluetooth. Of system, a wired link can be greater than the two thanks to possibly faster information speeds for digital indicators or simply the reality that the wire is carrying the analog sound without having any conversion. But this guide is for wireless speakers.

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants let you just tell your wireless speakers what to engage in alternatively of seeking through your smartphone. They ended up at first quite restricted, shut methods only available on very first-celebration units, like Alexa on the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant on the Google Residence, but that is steadily changing. Much more and a lot more third-social gathering speakers are integrating some form of voice assistant, possibly Google Assistant or Alexa.

These voice assistants are valuable for far more than just actively playing music. You can request them for temperature forecasts, sports scores, device conversions, and even language translation. They also normally help third-celebration capabilities that enable you do anything at all from buy pizza to perform trivia online games. If you have other smart property gadgets, you may even be ready to integrate them as properly, permitting you management the lights and thermostat with your voice.

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